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And, as it had to be — it was a very challenging task for Narendra Modi. The economy of Gujarat was reeling under the adverse effects of several natural calamities, including a massive earthquake in January A closer analysis of his life will reveal that he is a disciplinarian and has worked methodically his way up the political ladder. He does not give up and knows the value of hard work. In spite of multiple controversies over various issues, he has succeeded to charm the masses with his charismatic personality and win popular support for his party.

Fighting against all odds, his traits of practical and logical approach help him realize his ambitions. His visionary goals changed the face of the semi-arid region of Gujarat and these days, the state is well known for being one of the most well developed Indian states. Narendra Modi is credited for the growth of Gujarat and rightly so.

There are no two opinions about the fact that Narendra Modi, the current Chief Minister of Gujarat has taken the Center stage and has taken the Indian politics by storm. His party BJP is elated and has suddenly found a new hope.

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The party members are feeling empowered after announcement of Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate. Jupiter; and more opposition and rivalry will make it stronger. On the contrary, Narendra Modi may be facing strong challenges, security threats and instability in his political career during Moon Mahadasa starting from August And, I would like to reiterate that Narendra Modi should be very careful and cautious during Moon Mahadasa for overall aspects of his life. The Mahadasa Lord Moon is under Maraka influence of strong Mars; and may not be able to deal independently during Rahu antardasa.

The presence of favorable yogas combinations in his horoscope such as Gaj Kesari, Budha Aditya Yog, Raja Yogas and Dhan Yogas will bless him with intelligence, success, fame, power and position. This combination is not so common. The person is, of royal bearing and ever intent on combat, the commander of an army and annihilator of opponents. Often you are trying to figure out what your next point in the conversation will be and miss out on what was said.

You run on a high voltage and may develop little nervous habits.

Modi Astrology:Brief Prediction of Narendra Modi Horoscope

Finding an outlet for your anxiety by use of your hands may alleviate this nervous energy. In addition, try to focus more on what other people are contributing to the situation rather than being immersed in your own talents. Acting responsibility and doing the things that are required of you are high priorities in your mind. You are able to apply your self-restraint and discipline to achieve any goal you choose. You are an excellent organiser and have good managerial skills, understanding just what needs to happen for things to progress properly. Trivial, fanciful endeavours are of little interest to you as you are more concerned with what can be achieved through working diligently.

Your sombre demeanour may cause others to falsely assume that you have no feelings or do not care. It is challenging for you to express the more delicate emotions that you keep buried deep down. Failing scares you and therefore you do whatever you can to succeed. It is usual for you to feel depressed, however you generally pay this no mind and continue working and pushing forward.

Loneliness can also be a problem for you as you believe that only you are able to complete a task the correct way.

Birth Chart: Narendra Modi (Virgo)

An independent life fits you and you do not resent the circumstances you have been placed in as you know there is always a way to sink lower. You are extremely motivated to succeed, perhaps too much so. You possess a great deal of patience and this is a good thing because your climb to the top is going to be slow-moving; luckily you are able to persevere. There is a tendency towards being a bit harsh and critical, particularly in regards to your own efforts. Reserved by nature, you prefer to use caution rather than letting loose. Expressing your feelings or displaying warmth towards loved ones makes you feel uneasy and you would rather keep a tight rein; you may be a bit timid at times.

You are not one to break a rule as you truly comprehend the reasoning behind it and this can make you a rather strict authority figure. You may not process things quickly but when you do process them, you understand them completely. You prefer to study and process your thoughts on your own and will not express your views unless you have fully thought them through.

You have a tendency towards feeling depressed and can be rather careful and emotionally cool. Traditional opinions are usually what you are most comfortable conveying and you can be sceptical towards anything too unconventional or progressive, particularly when you are unable to find confirmation of its rationality in science.

You are skilled in working on projects that require detail-oriented, thorough, systematic thinking. In social situations, you are quiet, serious, and unlikely to engage in playful chit-chat, preferring to keep your thoughts to yourself. You are dutiful and responsible, often most comfortable when working. You feel as though you must be doing something industrious and useful in order to be spending your time appropriately; anything else is viewed as wasted effort.

Your tone of voice conveys confidence and others are instinctively aware that you know what you are talking about when you make the effort to express yourself. Organised and practical, you would do well working in administrative or managerial positions. You are realistic and your actions are clear and direct, though you are not one to be openly affectionate with others. Physically, you are susceptible to dental problems, particularly the deterioration of the enamel surrounding your teeth. You are naturally joyful and happy-go-lucky with others, very sociable, and do not restrain yourself emotionally.

People seek out your counsel and aid because they know that you have a giving spirit. You are not one to judge, instead you accept people for who they are, foibles and all. You are also not usually anxious, rather you go with the flow and take things as they come. However, sometimes you may give more of yourself than would be wise. Your generosity may enable people to continue in their bad habits instead of pushing them to make it on their own. You are prone to emotional intensity and this may need to be tempered, especially regarding romantic partnerships.

Something inside of you pushes you to keep going full-force until you are unable to go any further due to sheer exhaustion. You may feel as though you are always rushing around from one thing to another. Because of your tendency to indulge in rich cuisine, you are susceptible to weight-gain as you age. It is possible that life may try to test your views. Do not be overly positive about your financial situation and keep from being too confident in general. There is a part of you that is scared to see that there could be something wrong with anything you do or think, keeping you from growing as a person.

You can help this by understanding that no one is perfect and that making mistakes is part of being human. Your judgement may be faulty at times and legal difficulties may be a problem for you, as well as inability to think ahead, make decisions, or speak the complete truth. You enjoy engaging in challenging conversations or arguing a case in good sport, and strategic games are appealing to you as well.

Reading is a favourite pastime and you gather bits of information from everything you can get a hold of. Your brain is usually spinning with new concepts that you express to others confidently, in a way that is powerfully convincing. When you wish to be funny, you prefer sarcasm or dark comedy to the obvious, light-hearted stuff.

Your hand coordination is exceptionally good and it is unlikely that you have a strong preference between your left and right hand, often using both with equal skill. Communicating with your hands is also common for you, though you communicate enthusiastically in general. You would do well in positions of leadership, sales, management, or promotion. People naturally appoint you to take control of a situation as you are confident and decisive, able to direct others easily and effectively.

PM Narendra Modi's horoscope analysis/Astrologer Rajeev

You have a talent for the written word and are particularly good at articulating critique. Never fearful of letting others know when they are incorrect on an issue, though you may be too blunt at times and would do well to develop some tack in those situations. You have a good head on your shoulders and your practical reasoning aids you in achieving whatever you can dream up. Technical skill is also present and you usually excel in mathematics. Your self-confidence and capable decision-making shines through in anything you undertake.

There is a tension within you when you are idle and therefore you prefer staying continuously active. This tendency keeps you working on many different endeavours at once, and you certainly have enough energy for them all. However, it would be beneficial for you to find a way to incorporate some down time into your hectic life, perhaps by participating in the quieter forms of martial arts such as Tai Chi or maybe looking into meditative practices.

Any sort of sport will also help you to release the over-abundant energy within you. Competing with others is enjoyable for you and you tend to win using your confidence and intuition. Your strong will has allowed you to learn self-discipline, creating a force that permits you to rise to truly powerful positions.

Your physical health is amazing as you heal easily and have endless amounts of energy. However, it is important that you are able to keep active physically or this immense energy of yours will turn destructive. Every effort is made on your part to achieve success in an honourable fashion. You are likely to be a good leader and have a talent for administrating. Hard-working, courageous, and assertive, you gain the admiration of others and will champion for them if they are being unjustly treated.

You find it difficult to be inactive and will usually behave in an intolerant, grouchy manner when you are forced to do things at a slower pace than you would like. You can be very moody and your anger tends to erupt with little warning. Compromising is not easy for you as you prefer to strongly pursue what you desire, despite this causing disharmony with your spouse or family.

Original Horoscope of PM Modi

You have a strong urge to compete with others on even small matters, though this may not be apparent to you. You are self-sufficient and require the utmost freedom to do as you wish. God help anyone who tries to insist you do something or in which way you are to go about it. You are susceptible to accidental injuries due to trying to do much too quickly; be patient with yourself and others.

Mentally you process things speedily and therefore you are likely to react with impatience and irritation when others are unable to comprehend things as fast as you. This placement bestows you with better than average health and recovery time. Others are drawn to your charming personality and sexual magnetism. Doing the same thing day in and day out is not for you, instead you are always ready for the next exciting adventure to begin and are enthused when someone is able to surprise you!

Self-sufficient, you require much room to breathe in any partnership. Your views on relationships are anything but conventional, and you are open to alternative arrangements. For friendship, you usually seek out those that are different in some way; eccentricity only adds to the appeal. People walk in and out of your life spontaneously and are usually presented to you as a way to test your belief system and willingness to adapt.

These people, as well as your friends, come around to satisfy inner necessities and will leave when they are of no more use. You have a fantastic way of looking outside the box and arriving at genius ways to solve challenges. Most of the time, whatever happens in your life is seemingly random and unexpected. You are unable to plan for these things, the only thing you can do is allow them to happen and act upon the present situation. This is especially the case in regards to your romantic endeavours. There will always seem to be something exhilarating, uncommon, and random occurring in your life that will aid you in gaining wisdom and growing spiritually.

You endure where others would falter. Innately, you understand that nothing worth having is given without some sort of sacrifice and you are willing to invest your time and energy fully when you have committed to an endeavour. The things you strive for are firmly held in reality and you will usually approach them in a systematic, organised fashion. Highly ambitious, you would make an excellent leader and administrator.

However, you are most comfortable working out of the lime-light and produce the best results when on your own. You have a good head on your shoulders though you may sometimes work at a slower pace than others. This slower work pace is likely due to you not wanting to miss any details in your work. Anything you start on, you intend to go the distance. Be careful not to become resentful from holding in your frustrations; find a way to express these upsets to those that have caused them and then let them go.

You are a good mix of daring yet cautious. In your past life, you were able to find equilibrium between what you wanted in the moment and your duties. Socialising is difficult for you as you are usually a bit distant with others. Despite your ambitions, you are not power-hungry but rather just wish to do a good job. You may be rude, ill-mannered, or personally unhygienic and these traits often aggravate others.

There is a tendency towards laziness and a dislike of hard work. You believe that this sort of labour is meant for someone else, and you will watch others work while you relax, with a clear conscience. You are able to tell what people desire and sweet-talk them into doing what you want; being truthful is no concern of yours.

You feel like there are two different people at war within you and this wreaks havoc for you personally. Sometimes you will become so accommodating with those you love that you become someone else and wind up feeling miserable in the end. You are unsure what exactly it is that you want out of a romantic partnership, someone to take care of you or someone to be on an equal level with. When you feel emotionally unsatisfied, you can over-indulge in rich foods. You are prone to over-eating sweets and richer cuisine in general, as you can be rather insecure. You may question your self-worth or attractiveness, despite people expressing otherwise.

Try to develop a backbone and fight for the things that matter to you, or for yourself when necessary. You crave genuine care and affection for emotional security, and if you believe that this may be removed from your life, you start to fall apart. Your warmth stands on its own, though you must curb your possessive habits.

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Love transcends many lifetimes and we never fully say goodbye. Instead, we are brought back together in the next life. Keep an eye on your finances as they can run away from you more rapidly than you can acquire them. You have a habit of indulging yourself too much as well as expecting your surroundings to be luxurious.

Rather than do the work necessary to fix something, you will often sweep problems under the rug. You may feel as though you are not good enough just as yourself and you are constantly monitoring how popular you are. It is important for you to learn how to be brave and express your concerns when you have them. Sometimes you care so much about what people will think of you that you steer clear of any confrontation.

However, your road to happiness involves building integrity and fighting for the things you believe in, as this will allow you to be truly who you are deep down. You can be arrogant in your wants and often will not assist people if it will be in any way inconvenient or costly to you. However, if you could learn to curb your selfish behaviour, you are able to use your dedication and drive to benefit anyone who may request your aid.

If you are able to do this, you can go the opposite route and remove your own desire completely, passionately devoting yourself to a cause or another person. You must choose which journey is the right one for you. You are driven, innovative, resourceful, and confident. Being successful is important to you though others may view you as demanding and overly assertive when you are working towards your ambitions.

Professional and Political achievements

Opportunistic and unafraid, you regularly search for ways to learn and improve. Travelling can be a great opportunity for you to acquire what you search for. You are able to engage in risky ventures if you believe they will be profitable enough. This tendency may not do you well, as you can misjudge your abilities or the benefits of these endeavours; try to curb a desire to gamble as it can be your undoing. Prone to exaggeration, you may express an ability to achieve more than is possible in actuality, causing you to fall short on the promises you have made.

This happens due to your own misjudgement of what you can bring to fruition. As much as you are able to achieve, you will never be content with what you have done and strive to out-do yourself, convinced that you need to supplement your aim further. One very notable point is that , Ascendant sign is at beginning at 1 degree, Sun , the planet for Government benefits is at 0 degree, Mars , the ascendant lord is at 0 degree and Mercury , the planet for communication and intelligence is also at 0 degree.

Then Saturn , the planet for popularity and politics is at The general rule of Awasthas of planets says that planets in beginning or ending degrees are in Balaywastha childhood or Mritaawastha dead like so here Sun, Mars , Mercury , Saturn are in those states hence quite weak. Some astrologers would come up with better situation in Navansha D-9 Chart. Situation is not changed much there and Mars , the ascendant lord has become debilitated in D I never found this chart convincing enough. It does not portray his personality , his past or present situation. A Scorpio ascendant and Moonsign person would never be vocal. Mars sitting in Lagna in his own house should make him money hoarder and army like temperament of non-communicative and secretive disposition.

The chart shows his seventh house lord as Venus which is well placed in 10th house of Profession , so he should have his spouse in politics. In short , by general rules of astrology , the chart does not have any peculiarity. It does not explain his grey, balding hairs since younger age , his separation from wife just after marriage. It shows an afflicted Sun with Ketu which is not good for such high political post.

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  • Shri Narendra Modi Kundali Analysis for | Horoscope of PM Narendra Modi.

His current Mahadasha of Moon from to does not show exceptional rise as it does not relate to 10th house of profession. There are many issues like punctuality , popularity , administrative ability of PM Modi which this chart just does not explain! So, I never believed this official birthdate and birth chart of PM Modi , while other astrologers have been making big predictions based on this chart. So, I became curious to see if chart based on this date works or not. The new chart on 29 Aug with time of birth as morning 6 AM comes like below :. This chart does more justice with his personality than earlier chart prevailing in internet sites!

Let us see main features of this chart.. So, his Sun like personality is justified and his punctuality , administrative skills , controlling and dominating tendency is very clear from this chart. That shows his focus on propaganda. He likes meeting , contacting his foreign counterparts while he hesitates meeting his own family members.

Moon as lord of 12th house made him leave his ancestral home , wander length and breadth of India and now he has visited almost all countries of world. These are contradictory aspects as Saturn and Mars are inimical planets. But finally he behaves like a King, signified by Leo ascendant and Sun being in it. His 7th house of opposition and spouse is ruled by Saturn , the arch enemy of Sun.

So he lost marital bliss , there being no Jupiter aspect on 7th house but Saturn aspecting 7th House. At the same time , Jupiter has 9th aspect on Saturn , the 7th lord , so he is legally married and has surviving wife.