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Balasubrahmanyam came with him to the famous musical meet called ' Lakshman Sruthi ', he wrote a poem within a few seconds praising both singers. He learnt Urdu from an Urdu scholar. He wrote two Urdu ghazals for the Tamil movie Nandu , directed by J. Janaki and the other was 'Hum Hain Akele', sung by S. Janaki alone.

He also wrote and composed two English poems in , praising the landing of man on the Moon. The gramophone records of these songs were sent to the then United States President Richard Nixon and Neil Armstrong , the man who first landed on the moon. Sreenivas was praised by both people. Nagarajan, One of the fans and wellwishers of Dr. Sreenivas with the support from MLA malleshwaram renamed the sadhashivnagar park to P.

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Sreenivas park in Bangalore which is a tribute for his melodious songs. Srinivos-Naadayogiya Sunaadayaana' penned by Sri R. Srinivos was conferred with the prestigious title - Madhurya Saarvabhowma by Madhursangeeth, an association composed of Sriyuths S. Jayasimha, R. Srinath, Doddahullur Rukkoji, B. Chandrashekhar, G. Atri and B.

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This momentous function was attended by the great South Indian Music directors G. Venkatesh , T. Lingappa , lyricist Chi. Udayashankar , noted Kannada cinema personalities and other dignitaries. Sreenivas had sung for almost all the superstars of South India, but it was his combination with Kannada Matinee Idol Rajkumar that struck a chord with the audience.

He has sung at least super hit numbers for the star. In the s, s and s, if it was Dr. Rajkumar, then there had to be songs sung by Dr. Rajkumar himself had said that his true identity was Sreenivas and his voice would never die but only grow.

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When Rajkumar was honoured with Dadasaheb Phalke Award in , Sreenivas rejoiced as though he had got an award himself. Sreenivas said he was honoured because his "voice" had won a great honour. He excelled in singing all types of songs from romantic to heavily classical. But I was his voice for nearly three decades'. However, once when Sreenivas was not available to sing for the movie Sampattige Sawaal, Composer G K Venkatesh encouraged Rajkumar to sing the song Yaare Koogadali that was supposed to be sung by Sreenivas.

With that song, Rajkumar restarted his singing career, which had stopped after the movie Ohileshwara. Thus began his journey as the most famous actor-singer that the Indian and Kannada film industry has ever seen. Sreenivas died at home in Chennai on 14 April at the age of He suffered a heart attack while eating his lunch.

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He was cremated on the next day. He was survived by his wife and children. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: List of songs recorded by P. Srinivos - Nadayogiya sunaadayaana by R. Sreenivas was the voice of Rajkumar - Worldnews. Rajkumar Biography, Dr. Rajkumar Profile - entertainment. Categories : births deaths Kannada playback singers Tamil playback singers Telugu playback singers Malayalam playback singers Indian male film singers People from Kakinada Telugu people Sanskrit-language singers Deaths from falls 20th-century Indian singers Singers from Karnataka Film musicians from Karnataka 20th-century male singers.

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