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However, you are the archer, after all. You are prepared for this. All the weapons you need are within your imagination, which does not see you stuck in this chaotic place you now find yourself in for long.

The bad news is no one will save you. You love to ebb and flow with the fall cycles, and to be in tune with the natural world. This month may bring you opportunities to bring these cycles into your workplace. You will be looking to engage your work life with larger forces. Moreover, feelings of interconnectedness of all living things will start to influence your creativity in important ways.

In terms of love, you will feel an opening for a new level of trust to enter.

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You might be shocked when it happens, but we promise you'll be happy about it later. It can be hard for you to be vulnerable, but the payoff will be huge.

October Horoscopes: Twitter's Favorite Astrologers Share How to Start Fall Off Right | W Magazine

You need to remind yourself that what you do is important, and that people care. You need to set aside a few nights this month where you reconnect to your goals by not going out and distracting yourself with people and drinks.

You're strong enough to do this, although you will be tempted to deviate and indulge. The time for indulgence will come. Make this a time for focus and deliberate intentions. The color green will help you do this. At work, you will want to show only the parts of yourself that are safest. This is always the case, and especially for you, but this month, you will want your most secret self to stay hidden and safe. All of this will be good for your productivity, but it will cause you some stress. What's most important this October is for you to keep working, as your destiny will always find you.

With you in the stars and on Earth, The Astro Poets Aries October will bring several new people and relationships into your life. Taurus You will be such a romantic this month. X Earth Angel.

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Your work and personal lives will not coordinate well with each other. Change can be useful, but it has to be on the right terms and for the right reason.

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TAURUS April May 20 : As much as a change will tempt you, slow down, think things through and double-check all the facts and figures before you proceed. Information will be vital in making choices that are best for you. Refuse to let someone mesmerize you with hype or an unrealistic proposal.

An opportunity to make a positive change at home or to the way you live is encouraged.

Whether for work or a personal relationship, keep peace and encourage joining forces to reach a common goal. Check your options and make your move. LEO July Aug. Opportunity is apparent; embrace the challenge that goes hand in hand with success, and you will reap the rewards. Romance is highlighted. A relationship you have with someone will take a turn dependent on a conversation that will determine if you are heading in a similar direction.