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Take control of your life and practice moderation. By staying in balance, you will resolve any current conflicts and begin a new chapter in your life.

The Astrology ofDecember 21, 2012

The Temperance card suggests divine intervention, balance, and harmony. The positive overall presence of this card in your spread reveals high levels of self-confidence and control in your endeavors.

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The answer provided by this card is most likely yes. For example if The Emperor came up in a spread, it may be signifying a date between 21st March and 20th April. We also touched on the fact that the Major Arcana represents a journey from earliest awareness The Fool numbered 0 to fulfillment The World numbered 21 , and that the cards represent the qualities and experiences we must incorporate in our lives before we can realize our full potential, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

December 21 Zodiac

Try to keep these factors in mind as you learn the Major Arcana cards, however, we will be referring to this in more detail in the lessons covering spreads. Toggle navigation Free Tarot Readings. All in all, you have much going for you in your world. You are a valuable asset, and you will definitely rise to the heights you desire. However, to achieve this, you need to pay close attention to details. You share your birthday with many famous people from all over the world.

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Here are five such people:. People born on 21st December are in the 3rd decan of Sagittarius. You are in the same group as those born between December 13th and December 21st.

source site The fiery Sun plays the supervisory role in this decan. Thus, you display most of the more outstanding characteristics of Sagittarius. For example, you are resourceful, intuitive, and majestic. You have very advanced observation skills.

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As such, others can depend on you to keep their precious records. Also, you have a way of reminding your teammates about your common goals. December 21st stands for such qualities as creativity, intuition, and resourcefulness.

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Hold these qualities close to your heart. They will unlock many doors for you. You are as observant as you are methodical. Your mind is very sharp, and you do well in analytical tasks.

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Your level of meticulousness is unique. It is what you need to excel in such fields as writing, software development, engineering, and architecture. Deep Red is the magic color of people born on December 21st. This color signifies energy, power, and actions. Just like the color Deep Red, you are vigorous as well as determined. Love and Compatibility for December 21 Zodiac Zodiac December 21 zodiac people take romantic relationships quite seriously.

A word of caution! Never overlook things, no matter how trivial they may see. Famous People who Share the December 21 Zodiac Birthday You share your birthday with many famous people from all over the world. Your Career Horoscope You are as observant as you are methodical.


Final Thought… Deep Red is the magic color of people born on December 21st. Sharing is caring!